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The place of Adventure, Travel to East Africa: Djibouti, India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus and Disneyland.  Now adding Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan and Disneyland.  Mexico and Disneyland.   Disaster, Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness and Services for San Francisco.  We also like Disneyland.
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Follow Bill and Sons on their Adventures!

Home Djibouti Page Africa! Southern Egypt China, Korea and Japan

From June 12 to June 23, 2000 - Bill and the Lads were on a road trip to Adventure!  From Disneyland, to the Mojave  Desert, to unseen national monuments, to splendid lakes we've only heard rumors of, to Bear Country, to our Adventure Base in Lake Tahoe - we'll see and do it all!  Latest postings are in "Current Events"!  Yes, we have our adventure hats!


Here are some stories about some of the adventures I've been on, and will post the new ones here. 

Adventure in Djibouti!  Most people have never even heard of it, but it's there and I've been there.  It could be the world's next resort destination, except.....

Africa!  Here is an overview of the Adventure Trip in Spring 1997.

Did I tell you about my visit to Egypt?  It's quite an Adventure!

Spring 1999 - I had a unique opportunity to accompany my Mom, and The Boys, To China, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.  It's all here...